Traveling on a Budget in Europe: 7 Cheap Ways

Traveling on a Budget in Europe
Traveling on a Budget in Europe

Europe is probably the most popular continent for tourists and adventure travelers alike. With so much to see and do at any given time, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Or how to save money while exploring this beautiful continent. Here are tips for Traveling on a Budget in Europe.

Europe is an expensive destination, especially if you want to experience everything it offers. However, there are ways to travel across Europe on a budget. And explore cheaper places and explore the hidden gems of the continent. Keep reading to discover great ways How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget and save cash along the way.

1.      Stay in a Backpacker’s Accommodation

Staying in a backpacker’s accommodation is one of the cheapest ways to explore Europe. These types of accommodations offer cheap accommodation options. And often include kitchen facilities so that you can cook your own meals. The cost may be cheaper than staying in hotels or hostels, and these accommodations are perfect for solo travelers.

There are also many backpacker accommodations located in the center of town. Which makes it easy for you to explore on foot and the most significant ways of Traveling on a Budget in Europe.

Where to sleep on a budget

As you travel across Europe, there are many different things to keep in mind. Regarding How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget. One of the most important aspects is where you’re going to sleep at night. Booking a hotel before your trip can be expensive and may not offer you the best value for your money. Instead, consider booking budget Airbnb or hostels before you arrive. This will save you a lot of money and give you access to places that hotels cannot offer.

You might also want to bring a camping tent with you on your travels. So that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have an option to stay somewhere. Or if traveling in Europe during the summer months, why not book into an eco-camp? These campsites are usually relatively cheap and provide opportunities for outdoor adventure and unique experiences.

Traveling on a Budget in Europe
Traveling on a Budget in Europe

Another great way to save money while traveling across Europe is by looking into renting apartments instead of staying in hotels. While this isn’t always the best option for longer periods of time. It’s perfect for people who will mostly be spending their time out. Exploring the sights and sounds of Europe’s countries and cities.

If you like cooking your own meals, then apartment living can be a great way to save cash on eating regularly.

One such app for finding cheap apartments is called HomeAway. It has listings from all over Europe, so it can definitely help in planning your trip. It includes one of the best ideas Traveling on a Budget in Europe.

Eat Like a Local

One of the best and cheapest things you can do to travel to Europe on a budget is to eat like the locals. Affordable options are everywhere; you’ll never go hungry if you know where to look.

Find a supermarket

The first tip for those looking to eat like a local is to find a supermarket. Grocery stores are perfect for those who want quick and easy meals without breaking the bank.

Even if it’s not your typical grocery store, some cheap options will usually be available. You could even purchase food from the supermarkets in bulk and cook it at your accommodation or hostel. The excerpts represent How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget

Cook your own food

Cooking your own food while traveling Europe on a budget is another great idea. Especially if you have access to a kitchen or stovetop. Packaged noodles and canned foods are typically quite cheap in most shops. So, these are also good options for eating like locals as well.

Consider local produce

If you’re willing to try out new things, consider purchasing fresh produce from local markets. Instead of supermarkets which will usually be more expensive. You can find some really good deals at markets that offer seasonal produce, so stock up!

Don’t drink alcohol – Alcohol often adds up when traveling. So, one way to save money while exploring Europe is by abstaining from drinking any alcohol whatsoever. Alcohol consumption tends to increase your expenses exponentially. So, limiting yourself will leave plenty of funds for other fun activities! Just maybe, avoiding alcohol is the best way to travel on a Budget in Europe

Where to eat on a budget

Visiting restaurants is a pricey endeavor while traveling. But fortunately, there are many ways to eat cheaply in Europe, no matter where you go. Almost every country has a dish considered the national cuisine, and these dishes are usually inexpensive.

For example, lasagna in Italy or fish and chips in England. These dishes are usually cheaper because they are made with local ingredients and not imported from another country.

2.      Go Green in the Old World as How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget

Going green is one of the best ways to save money when exploring Europe. Expensive attractions and tours often tempt tourists. But it’s not necessary to spend all your money on those things.

There are plenty of budget-friendly options in Europe that allow you to see some of the most popular tourist destinations. Without breaking the bank.

You can go on a walking tour of Paris, for example. Or take a bus tour around London instead of spending money on a guided tour through either city.

3.      Go Off the Beaten Track and Save the Most Money

One of the best ways to explore Europe on a budget is to go off the beaten track. The more you stick to the touristy areas, the more expensive they will be. This is because many specialty stores and restaurants in these places cater to tourists and charge inflated prices.

However, if you go exploring more off the beaten track. You’ll find that there are cheaper businesses and places to eat. Which will save you money on your Europe vacation. For example, Italy has many small towns where people live and work.

Tourists don’t typically visit these towns because they’re not considered as “touristy” as Rome or Venice. If you want a break from all the hustle and bustle of cities in Italy, for example. Going off the beaten track is a great way to explore Europe on a budget

4.      Keep an eye out for free activities and events

One of the best ways to explore Europe on a budget is by watching for free activities and events. Many festivals and events take place across Europe. Where you can enjoy world-class performances and take part in cultural celebrations.

Some of these events are hosted by the cities themselves. While art groups or local organizations host others. One event, in particular, is the Montreux Jazz Festival which takes place in Switzerland every July. You can also find events that are specific to each country too. Like the Munich Oktoberfest or St Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin.

Traveling on a Budget in Europe
Traveling on a Budget in Europe

5.      Take The Rooftop Trains on How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget

The best way to travel around Europe on a budget is to take the rooftop trains. There are several such trains that you can take. Including The Lyria is a train that travels from France through Switzerland to Italy. You can also take the German Nightjet from Berlin to Athens in Greece.

These types of trains allow travelers to see scenery and experience new cultures. Without spending too much money on train tickets.

This type of train gives you the experience you want without the budget-breaking cost. As an added bonus, many of these trains offer beds or couches.

So you have somewhere comfortable to sleep in as well! A great way to hit all of your destinations on a tight budget!

Traveling on a Budget in Europe
Traveling on a Budget in Europe

6.      Hop On A Ferry

Europe is an expensive destination. So, How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget. You could pay way more than necessary for your travels if you’re not careful. One great way to save money and still experience everything Europe offers is by hopping on a ferry.

You can take ferries across the continent and explore major cities. Without having to fork out the cash for flights and accommodation. The most popular route is between England and France.

But there are plenty of routes to choose from, depending on where you’re going in Europe. For example, if you want to travel through Scandinavia. A ferry will take you from Newcastle in England all the way up to Norway.

 This option would only cost around £50-£150 one-way. And it would give you access to some of the most beautiful places in Europe without blowing your budget!

7.      Mornings Are The New Afternoons

Europe is expensive, but there are ways to save money on accommodation. One of the most popular ways to save money is to go for accommodations in the range of €35-€100 a night. You can also opt for accommodation in the range of €25-€35 a night. Which will get you hostels or guesthouses that don’t have many amenities.

Another way to explore Europe on a budget is by eating breakfast at a café. Instead of going for lunch or dinner. There’s no need to sacrifice an evening meal. Pack some snacks and order an espresso or tea with your morning treat!


Q1: Do I need a Eurail Pass to travel to Europe?

A: The Eurail Pass is not required to explore Europe.

Q2: Is traveling by Train when visiting Europe a way to save money?

A: Trains are really the cheapest way to travel across Europe if you’re going from one country to another. However, trains can get expensive if you don’t book them ahead of time. This is How to Travel Across Europe On a Budget.


One of the best ways to explore Europe on a budget is by taking advantage of free opportunities. For example, many museums are free. And some offer a discounted admission fee for those under 18 years old or over 65. Depending on where you go, this could save you more than €10 per visit! And keep an eye out for deals with your accommodation provider.

 If you book a package deal, they might include breakfast or other amenities that can be quite expensive otherwise.

Another way to explore Europe on a budget is to travel outside peak season. And avoid popular tourist destinations like London, Paris, and Rome. Peak season generally begins in April and ends in October.

But it can vary depending on what part of the continent you want to visit. If you want to spend less money during your European adventure, try exploring during the low season. When prices are lower and everything is less crowded.

Lastly, another great tip for exploring Europe on a budget is to take advantage of student discounts wherever possible.

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