The Most Popular Beer in Mexico: 6 Dazzling Types

Most Popular Beer in Mexico
Most Popular Beer in Mexico

Suppose you enjoy popping open a cold one before watching the big game or exploring new breweries while on vacation; you’re not the only one who does either of those things. Beer is a staple in Mexican culture; the average Mexican consumes 1.3 liters of beer weekly. According to the newstimes report, Mexico is currently rated 30th on the list of beer consumption globally.

On the other hand, not every beer has the same level of popularity in Mexico. Continue reading to find out 5 of the most popular beer in Mexico and to get a brief analysis of each one.

A Look Back at the Origins of Beer in Mexico

According to Mxperience, beer production in Mexico started almost as soon as Mexico got its independence. However, it wasn’t until German immigrants came to Mexico after the Mexican-American War that things got going.

The following century saw a steady increase in beer consumption in Mexico, but the beverage remained second in popularity in the country’s alcoholic drinks market to pulque.

Lagers, pilsners, Vienna-style light, dark beers, and Munich dark beers make up the vast majority of Mexico’s beer market today.

The 5 Most Popular Beers in Mexico

Several beer brands in Mexico today demonstrate how deeply ingrained the beverage is in human existence.

 Delish mentioned that Corona and Modelo are the most common Mexican beer brands. However, there are more brands you could consider below.

·        Corona

Most Popular Beer in Mexico
Most Popular Beer in Mexico

As a starting point, we’ll discuss Corona, which is undoubtedly the most popular beer in Mexico. In 1925, a German pilsner inspired the first batch of this now-iconic Mexican-style beer made in Mexico.

The clear and easily recognizable bottles and the beer’s distinctive flavor have helped elevate it to iconic status. In addition, it aided in marketing Corona from the get-go and sped up the beer’s rise to prominence as Mexico’s most consumed beer.

Corona’s popularity began spreading internationally in earnest in 1979. The reason for this is the growing number of US vacationers who travel south of the border to sample the refreshing local drink and bring cases back with them when they return home.

Since its introduction to the American market in 1979, Corona has skyrocketed in popularity. Its fame has now spread to every corner of the globe.

Corona is an appealing beer due to its pale gold color and mild, pleasant taste. It’s great for sipping after a long work day or enjoying a hot summer.

The original Corona beer is still popular, but the company has adapted to changing tastes. Corona Light, a lower-calorie variant, was introduced in 1989.

Corona now offers hard seltzers, demonstrating the company’s willingness to expand outside beer to meet consumer demand. Moreover, the Corona Refrescas it serves is a unique take on a traditional Mexican drink.

Whether you want to drink the original, traditional Corona or try something new, this is one of the most accessible brands. If you are holding a beach wedding in Mexico, your guests would genuinely appreciate some cold Corona on the beverage list.

·        Modelo

One of the top three most popular beers in Mexico is Modelo. This well-known brand debuted in 1925, the same year that Corona did.

Modela, on the other hand, built its reputation on a slightly darker beer, as opposed to Corona, which began with a pale pilsner. One of Modelo’s most well-known beers is still Negra Modelo, the company’s first brew.

Negra Modelo is a medium-bodied liquor with overtones of caramel that Austrian immigrants created. To counteract the sweetness of the caramel, you may also detect traces of bread and hops.

Additionally, the alcohol concentration of this dark beer is higher, with a 5.4% alcohol content.

Later, the company expanded its product to include a lighter beer and the original Negra Modelo. Modelo Especial is more well-liked in the US due to its softer flavor. Especial is renowned for its exquisite orange blossom and honey notes in contrast to Negra’s deep caramel undertones.

This beer has a milder flavor and less alcohol than Negra beer, making it simpler to drink a few of these drinks while watching a sporting event.

Modelo is an excellent brand for people who want variety because it offers two beers that are very different from one another. The traditional Mexican drink Chelada, which combines beer with tomato juice and other tastes, is also available from this Mexican company’s comprehensive menu.

Modelo is still a famous brand across the nation, even though you might not be able to get it in as many locations as Corona.

·        Dos Equis

Most Popular Beer in Mexico
Most Popular Beer in Mexico

You can identify Dos Equis by its green bottles or creative advertising efforts. Most notably, The Most Interesting Man’s campaign. The Dos Equis advertisement campaign continues to serve as the inspiration for memes worldwide.

Although this beer brand is the subject of contemporary memes, it has a lengthy and illustrious past that dates back to 1890, when a German immigrant established the Moctezuma Brewery in Veracruz. However, the production of the first beer was after seven years.

The original beer made by Dos Equis was a darker lager, similar to Modelo. In contrast to other stronger beers, this Vienna-style lager is still very light. This beer was formerly sold under Siglo XX but is now known as Dos Equis Ambar.

The most recognizable beer from this company, aside from the original ambar beer, is Clara. This lager comes in a recognizable green bottle.

Both beers are less alcoholic than other beers, particularly Modelo. These lighter beers, Dos Equis Ambar 4.7% ABV and Clara 4.2% ABV are simple to consume anytime.

This brand is still among the most popular beers in Mexico despite not sharing Corona’s connections to the famous American surf culture.

It made its American debut in 1983 and has continued to dominate the beer market. Even in 2009, the United States designated it as the “fastest-growing import.”

The brand’s creativity increased along with the brand’s popularity in the USA by embracing the hard seltzer craze.

Dos Equis is now able to target the younger market. If you want a Mexican beverage other than beer, Dos Equis RanchWater is an attractive option.

·        Victoria

Most Popular Beer in Mexico
Most Popular Beer in Mexico

The other beers named above might be the ones that people are most familiar with today, but they all followed the lead Victoria set.

According to Victoria’s website, the oldest Mexican beer brand, Victoria beer, was founded in 1865, and the water and barley harvest in the Toluca region is the inspiration behind its manufacture.

This Vienna-style lager, which has a wonderful golden amber color and a low alcohol content of only 4%, is a traditional option that is simple to enjoy on its own or with your favorite Mexican meals.

 Although it has a mild flavor, you might catch some pleasant undertones of toasted malt and tart notes of star fruit and apple butter.

By remaining faithful to its origins as a straightforward and traditional beer, this brand upholds its tradition and wins a space among the most popular beers in Mexico.

So don’t expect to find Victoria selling any hip new seltzers or beer varieties. But you may quickly locate this traditional beer at your neighborhood liquor stores.

·        Pacifico

Pacifico is a brand of beer that has been around for more than a century and originated in Mazatlan, located along the Pacific Coast. This flavor has been popular with beachgoers and surfers in California since the 1970s.

Similar to Corona, Pacifico is classified as a pale lager and is well-known for having a mild flavor. On the other hand, Pacifico has a flavor and amount of carbonation that are both noticeably more full-bodied than Corona.

As a result, many people prefer Pacifico to Corona because it has a slightly more intense flavor.

While Pacifico has a more assertive flavor than Corona, it goes well with various dishes. This excellent beer is perfect for pairing with your go-to Mexican food, fish tacos, or any other dish with salty and savory flavors.

According to Beer Advocate, Pacifico derives its name from its location on the map. Cervecera del Pacifico, the original Pacifico brewery, is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is still operational.

Each bottle is labeled “The Beer of the Pacific” or “La Cerveza del Pacifico.” The labels include an illustration of an ocean anchor surrounded by a lifesaver.

Because Pacifico is the most popular beer in Mexico, you can get it in liquor stores and most grocery stores.

·        Sol

Most Popular Beer in Mexico
Most Popular Beer in Mexico

Sol, a beer brand bearing its name after the sun, debuted in 1899 in a newly independent Mexico. According to MENTAL FLOSS, the beer’s name, which has lasted more than a century, was inspired by the light shining through the glass when the first batch was bottled.

Sol does not take the sun’s rich history lightly. While currently owned by Heineken and brewed in the Netherlands, this Mexican brand started using solar energy in its brewing process in 2020. A lovely tribute to the origins of a classic brew.

Although the beer’s manufacturer has changed throughout the years, it has retained its wonderful flavor. You might be reminded of a traditional Corona by the mild flavor and pale yellow tint.

If you usually choose Corona, think about packing a Sol beer the next time you go to Cancun for an adventure on a warm summer day.


What is Mexico’s national beer?

The Most Popular Beer in Mexico

Sol is known as “The Original Mexican Beer.” Its inspiration is from the sun, associated with a light flavor and low ABV, and mostly drank during summertime.


Over a century ago, Mexico started brewing beer, and that tradition is still strong today. Mexico has a beer for everyone and every occasion, ranging from beers made by European immigrants to craft brews made today with American inspiration.

Keep this list of the most popular beer in Mexico to assist you on your tasting adventure, whether you want to try a new brand with a similar flavor to your current favorite Mexican beer or something completely different.

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