Spectacular 10 Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC: Decorations, Food, & More

Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC
Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC

Halloween is here with us. Not sure of the best spookiest spots to go to in New York? Enjoy the best sinister settings and chilling mortals. Here are Halloween-themed restaurants in NYC.

In keeping with our focus on the spooky and strange, we’ve collected some of the best spots for scares, sustenance, and wicked fun.

 Whether you’re looking for somewhere to get your creep on or somewhere to sit in peace and enjoy a nice meal, this list will help you find the perfect spot.


Aptly named for Halloween, the venue at Vendome hotel is a spooky, indoor-outdoor lounge and terrace near union square.

 With an all-black decor, the venue boasts a smoke machine, a large indoor spider web, and eerie music playing throughout the night. Guests can enjoy cocktails and snacks like chips, salsa, popcorn, and hotdogs.

The Venue at Vendome Hotel is a haunting establishment not only food related but a chance to witness skeletons at the entrance as you get in.

Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC
Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC

Hell’s Kitchen Dinner Theater

The Hell’s Kitchen Dinner Theater is most definitely not for the kiddos. It’s one of the most exciting places on Halloween in NYC.

A live show filled with blood, gore, and monsters, the Hell’s Kitchen Theater is a show you’ll never forget.

The show features two hosts, one who plays the part of a mad scientist and the other a deranged chef who tries to poison his guest.

They are accompanied by many creepy characters, including a demented nurse, a crazed butcher, a mad scientist, and more.

The show also includes audience participation, a live band, live singers, and a zombie hostess to take you to your table after the show.

Maze Restaurant & Lounge

The Maze Restaurant & Lounge is one of the few places where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by Halloween decorations.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Maze features Halloween decorations throughout the restaurant, including a large spider web, faux cobwebs, and a giant cauldron.

Maze’s Halloween menu includes a selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, including Deviled Eggs, Crispy Fried Ravioli, Corn & Shrimp Chowder, Grilled NY Strip, Teriyaki Salmon, Sweet Potato Fries, Bourbon Chocolate Cheesecake, and more.

B Spot by Boston Pizza

Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC
Halloween-Themed Restaurants in NYC

The B Spot by Boston Pizza is a chain restaurant that serves pizza and other Italian-inspired food.

The restaurant is located in Midtown East. B Spot’s Halloween menu includes pizzas such as the

  • Black & Blue Pizza,
  • BBQ Bacon Pizza,
  • Hawaiian Pizza,
  • Pepperoni Pizza,
  • Sausage Pizza,
  • Veggie Pizza.

The restaurant also offers a limited menu of appetizers, salads, desserts, and drinks.

Catch Restaurant & Lounge

Catch Restaurant & Lounge is a seafood and steakhouse located in Midtown West. The restaurant features a large outdoor patio with a waterfall and a rooftop lounge with a fire pit.

 Catch’s extensive menu features seafood, steaks, salads, and sushi. The full menu is available on Halloween and includes appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, kinds of pasta, meats, and desserts.

Burger Shaming in Hell’s Kitchen

This Halloween, head to Blue Kitchen’s Hell’s Kitchen location for their unique “Burger Shaming” menu. Diners can choose from a selection of different burger shames and other sides, plus alcoholic drinks, for $29 per person.

No one leaves this hell-themed restaurant unscathed—diners are shamed for their sins in the form of a silly hairdo, and personal insults scrawled on their receipt.

A final insult is revealed when the bill is brought to the table.

There will also be prizes to win and a photo booth, so bring your friends to partake in all the freaky fun. Blue Kitchen Hell’s Kitchen is located at 846 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

Haunted Dining at The Vandal

The Vandal is a Halloween dining experience like no other. For $75, you’ll be treated to a five-course surf ‘n’ turf dinner. There is an interactive theatre performance that’s as gruesome as gourmet.

The show begins with the arrival of a corpse, followed by a bloody yet delicious meal. The whole experience lasts about 90 minutes and features various acts.

There’s even a “murder mystery” at the show’s end, so there’s no knowing who will survive. The Vandal is located at 63 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010.

Nightmares Come to Life at BK Dougnuts

BK Dougnuts has created the most terrifying menu in the city for Halloween. From “Butter Knife” to “Squid Ink,” each menu item is far from appetizing.

If you choose to eat these delicacies, be prepared to feel as if you’ve stepped into a nightmare. Each one comes with a side of corn syrup, so you know what to expect.

For those who want to walk away mostly unscathed, BK Dougnuts has created a drag queen menu, including “Cucumber” and “Pea” flavored doughnuts.

With these doughnuts, you’re in for a sugar rush of epic proportions, so it’s probably best that you share! BK Dougnuts is located at 135 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010.

Ghoulish Grub at Momofuku Nishi

For the more refined Halloween diner, head to the Momofuku Nishi restaurant on W 25th St. Their special Halloween menu includes treats like pumpkin pie egg rolls, corn soup with salted caramel, and roasted sweet potatoes with black sesame.

The menu is priced at $45 per person, and reservations are recommended. A special cocktail menu also features drinks like the “Franken-mosa” and “Bloody Mary.”

Momofuku Nishi is located at 43 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010.

A Chilling Dinner Show at Cafe Creeps

Cafe Creeps’ Halloween menu is a spine-chilling experience.

For $45 per person, you’ll be served a spooky three-course meal accompanied by a live, theatrical performance.

Each season, the show features a different theme, and for Halloween, it’s “Wicked,” a fantastical mash-up between

The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. There’s also an option to order from their regular menu. It includes dishes like “Lobster Bisque” and “Cannibal Empanadas.”

Drinks are also available, and you can sip on the “Cthulhu Chai” or the “Frankenstein Juice” while you wait for the show to begin. Cafe Creeps is at 225 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001.

Summing up

These are the best Halloween-themed restaurants in New York City. If you are looking for a spooky place to go trick-or-treating or enjoy Halloween parties and other festivities, you can visit these spots on Halloween.

There are so many different restaurants that you can visit on Halloween in New York City. Whether you want to experience a crazy Halloween event or celebrate with a romantic meal, there are many options.

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