Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike? 6 Breathtaking Ways

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?
Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

Whether you prefer sweating on an e-bike or having a casual biking ride, research shows that riding an e-bike has health and fitness benefits. For instance, a study published by Bicycling blog indicates that e-bikes are a perfect way to lose Weight. Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

A study at Harvard University in Sports department on 70 students aged between 21-60 showed how e-bikes are the best if interested in How to Lose Weight on an Electric Bike. The study examined 5-mile rides on standard pedal bikes to 5-mile rides on e-bikes.

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

While the heart rate, VO2 max rates, and total calories burned were low among e-bike riders, there is more. Researchers reveal that faster ride times and reduced exertion motivate people on e-bikes to ride more.

The max heart rate levels for e-bike riders qualify under moderate-intensity exercises. One can reach over 60% max heart rates with the level-one assist or 55%under level-2. Other research indicates that e-bike riders enjoy more exercise time weekly than regular bikes.

Therefore, even when e-bikes offer low-intense workouts on e-bikes, you get more exercise minutes in a week. The result; is increased health and fitness benefits for your body.

When using e-bikes for exercise, ask yourself, “Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike? Moore and Fetty’s apps say. Yes, you can lose weight if you hit hard or quickly. The most important thing is to set your weight goals before pedalling away.

Even while using a pedal assist, you still have to work, and there is a heart rate response. Moore explains, “Just like not having a pedal assist, you have to put in an effort, which means using energy”.

So Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

Want to lose weight on an electric bike? Here is how.

1.    Turn Off the Turbo Mode

Fetty shows that the best way to lose weight and build strength on an e-bike is by keeping the turbo mode turned off. This has positive training results. Why:

  • You are riding a heavy bike that weighs 40 pounds and above
  • It means increasing resistance
  • Your heart rate is elevated
  • Enhancing your stamina
  • Building strength and power.

One has to put in energy even with some pedal assist. However, keep reducing the assist level and use your strength.

So, use the low turbo modes even when seeking a little boost. It means working harder at a faster pace and increasing the workout rate.

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?
Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

2.    Monitor your heart Rate

Always train with a heart rate monitor when on e-bikes workout. This is the best way to reach your weight loss goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building endurance on long rides or intend to enhance your lactate threshold. The effect is riding faster using less effort. Using the heart rate tool ensures you don’t overtrain.

Understand the best endurance ride and at what conversational pace. For instance, which % stimulates the production of more mitochondria?

According to Fetty, maintain a zone 2 casual speed of about 70% of your maximum heart rate. At that rate, as a cycler, you can quickly recover from it and maintain consistency.

On the other hand, while riding in zone 3, don’t go above 84% of your maximum heart rate. Going beyond makes it hard to recover. Why is this necessary?

Engaging in E-bike cycling in the grey zone above 84% makes it too hard to enjoy an adaptive challenge. The result slows progress and causes burnout.

You can perform a threshold workout by riding an E-bike at zone 3 and consistently boost your performance.

3.    Find a Steady Grind

A steady grind can be riding in the hills. Hill repeats offer a perfect solution to increase exercise intensity on an e-bike and lose weight.

On hills, you can grow the gear and pedal faster while the turbo is switched off.

While on a solid hill workout, customize it to your fitness level. For instance, recommends picking a hill that takes about 4 minutes to climb.

Ascend the hill in a seated position. It should be uncomfortable. To the point you perform one-mouth breaths.

By the time the four minutes are up, the quads should burn. Then recover downhill for 2 minutes.

You’ll surely lose weight by repeating the process 5-9 times. Again this depends on your fitness goals.

Achieve more extraordinary results by engaging more complex gear. Get away from the saddle and get into it for about 30 seconds on every climb.

4.    Trails Work Better

You can switch your workout to a higher gear by acquiring an electronic mountain bike. A mountain e-bike remains useful when identifying a trail or mountain riding hard.

Especially when suffering from a medical condition. Or you find the terrain hard to navigate.

If at a higher speed uphill on a mountain bike, get off, walk up, or go harder to reach the hilltop. However, the pedal assists reduce the intensity. It helps to level the heart rate.

Using a pedal assist is not an assertion that the bike ride is easy. As a rider, you still have to navigate trails at higher speeds. Manage the obstacles, and sweat out with a chance to gain new skills.

5. Adopt a Tabata Ride

Tabata ride represents a workout of eight rounds of 20 seconds each using maximum effort, then 10 seconds rest. It is a 2:1 workout ratio and is done for four minutes.

Like conventional HIIT, Tabata remains super-effective in losing weight on an e-bike. It is performed at high intensity, thus increasing metabolism. Villa explains that the heart rate increases immediately.

When going all out, reduce on assistance needed. Again, this depends on your bike’s fitness, incline, and heaviness.

It is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all level, as everybody differs. Also, the terrain matters the most.

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?
Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

6.    Splitting the Ride

You can split your ride into two portions. For instance, when taking a 45-minute ride, dedicate 30 minutes to a ride workout. Later use pedal assistance for the remaining 15 minutes.


Adjust to a higher level and pedal-less hard as you enjoy the breeze during the cool-down period. Always get a workout from your e-bike ride. Ensure your heart rate increases, or you are out of your comfort zone.

For instance, if you’re riding workout on Thursday is active recovery. Warm up for 5 minutes. Then use 25 minutes for endurance pace at an RPE of 4 using a scale of 1-10. It should allow you to talk comfortably.

For more considerable challenges, use the workout portion to take on intervals. Have a 5-minute warm-up, then do two and a half minutes on and off before cooling down.

Then do push periods at RPE of 7-10 and during recovery at RPE of 2-4. Turn turbo mode up during recovery or pedal at a slow rate.

7. Go easy on the throttle

The first thing to do is to ease up on the throttle. You risk hurting yourself due to increased strain if you go too fast. If you are overweight or not fit, going too fast can cause you to lose your balance and fall off your bike. This can lead to injury and put you even further from your goal.

If you have a cycle computer, make sure that you set it to track your speed so that you can set a maximum speed limit for yourself. This will help you avoid going too fast. It is dangerous if you are cycling in areas with many pedestrians.

Or children who might be playing around near the road. If cycling in an area with no speed limits, you should consider going slower to avoid putting yourself or others at risk.

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?
Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

Summing up

Electric bikes are generally not as effective at burning calories as other exercise methods like running or walking fast. Nevertheless, an e-bike is still a great way to get from A to B while burning some calories.

If you want to lose weight with an e-bike, you should know how many calories you can burn per day and how many calories you need for weight loss. From there, it is easy to determine how much time you need to spend on the e-bike to lose the weight you want.

Believe me. These are the best ways to lose weight on an e-bike. So, Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike? The answer is a definite “YES”.

Can one lose Weight on an E-Bike?

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