Cabaret Style Seating for Events: 10 Ultimate Steps

Cabaret Style Seating
Cabaret Style Seating

You’ll feel an emotional attachment and intimacy when you sit near someone—why many people support cabaret style seating.

In their research, established that cabaret style seating for events strengthens team relationships. This is achieved by using cocktail tables within the available space.

Mixing with other style seating types, such as U-Shaped, is possible. The mixture is achieved by placing chairs in a U-shaped style, as the opening faces the event’s focal point.


Open end to allow the audience to focus on the focal point

Uses round tables

Maximize the floor plan

Chairs occupy the space around

Get the Décor Right

Mix other seating types

What Exactly is Cabaret Seating Style

It shares many similarities with banquet-style seating. However, the major difference is the availability of round tables with chairs occupying two-thirds of the space.

Therefore, every table has an open end that allows the audience to pay attention to the focal point, such as a stage.

The style suits events such as: –

  • Award ceremonies
  • Live Events
  • Team Presentations
  • Formal pieces of training

How to set up a cabaret style seating event

Cabaret Style Seating
Cabaret Style Seating

ToYouust first decides on a theme. Setting up a cabaret event is the foundation for your entire event and will dictate many other decisions.

 The theme will also inform the type of food served and the entertainment for the night. After deciding on an article, you want to brainstorm ways to integrate this theme into your event.

The easiest way to do this is to find ways to tie cabaret-style seating. You can build the rest of your event around this seating arrangement.

 We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a central theme. Many event planners make the mistake of trying to mash too many pieces into one event.

Cabaret style seating works perfectly for events that require presentations, gala awards, and training seminars.


  • Easier for the audience to pay attention to the focal point
  • Opportunity to socialize around the round table
  • Easier to assign seating based on a team or ticket group
  • Guests are allowed to mix up and mingle as the event goes on.
  • It is a more organic and informal setup that permits interactions


  • It takes up a lot of floor space
  • Possibility of reduced audience visibility

Decorations for a cabaret Style Seating Event

Decorations are an essential part of any event. This is your chance to set the mood and theme for your guests truly. For a cabaret-themed event, think about incorporating some of these ideas.


 Lighting is a huge part of creating the right mood for any event. For a cabaret-themed event, dimmer lights can set the perfect pace for mingling, dancing, and general festivities.

 If you want to incorporate specific colors into the mix, consider decorating with colored lights or a color-changing light fixture.

 Color palette

Color is another easy way to set the mood. For a cabaret event, you want to incorporate bold colors that are fun and eye-catching. Think about using red, blue, and gold as a starting point.

Table settings for Cabaret Style Seating

While the table setting doesn’t have to match the whole theme, it can certainly tie the event together. Use your table setting as an opportunity to incorporate your theme into your table setting.

Food and drinks

 It’s easy to get caught up in decorations, but don’t forget the food and drinks. These items can also be decorated to tie in with the cabaret theme. For example, you can use blue and red food coloring to create an “in-theme” drink.

Cabaret Style Seating
Cabaret Style Seating

Theme-related décor for Cabaret Style Seating

 Beyond the colors you use and the food and drinks you serve, you can include other items in your decor. Use items that tie in with the cabaret theme to help create a cohesive look.

How to plan for cabaret seating

The next big decision you will make when planning a cabaret celebration is the seating arrangements. While this might seem like a small detail, it is quite important.

As explained earlier, it is easier to mix other styles of seating with cabaret style seating. If you plan on mixing the seating styles, use the following guide.

Set the right tone

When deciding on your seating arrangements, the first thing to remember is that this is a chance to set the tone for the event. Make your guests comfortable by being clear on the type of tone for the event.

Make room for mingling.

 One of the best things about cabaret-style seating is that it encourages mingling among guests. If you want your event to be successful, you need to make room for guests to mix and mingle. Your seating arrangements play a big role in this.

Consider allergies and other factors.

 Another important thing to remember when deciding on your seating arrangements is the guests attending. Be sure to consider any allergies or sensitivities you are aware of.

Go for a Pyramid Formation

Cabaret Style Seating
Cabaret Style Seating

This is achievable by setting up a long front row, with a row of cabaret tables between the previous row.

Proceed backward until the guest list is complete. Pyramid formation allows everyone to sit at the same level, including accessing the focal point.

For Presentations, have More Screens.

Having a screen front to make presentations show supplementary videos, and live-cast the speakers are important. This applies when you have a huge guest list of over 500 guests.

Alignment of Chair Backs

PROTIP: Avoid pulling all the chairs around the table to fill up the cabaret-style gap. All the chairs should not face the front of the room before the event begins. The best approach includes having a podium archway.

Make use of Table Runners.

The statement table runner is essential for cabaret style seating. It would help if you considered using contrasting color and draping it over a third of the table surface towards the front. This limits seat movements and ensures a décor doesn’t limit the view.

Ceiling Décor

Ceiling décor helps to break the monotony, So make use of the air space above the seats and tables. Ensure LED clouds and beach ball clusters do not obstruct the sightlines. Check out varied samples on Amazon.

Use Risers

Using risers helps you avoid same-level seating. Ensure some of the audience is lifted and the speakers to ensure everyone has a view of the focal point. Levels should be added at the back venue. And consider putting railings on three sides.

Use High Tops

Use high-top tables for cabaret style seating. This is achieved by leaving out chairs at the front. Have rows for taller tables towards the backside of the venue to support audience visibility. Also, ensure the speakers view the entire audience, including the back.

Decor and ambiance for Cabaret Style Seating

As mentioned above, the first color palette step in creating the right ambiance for your cabaret event is having a general idea of what you want the event to look like. You start pulling in other decorations to create the perfect ambiance.

Consider the following

1.     Colorful flowers

 Flowers are one of the easiest ways to decorate a table and create a fun ambiance. You don’t need to stick to one color or color palette for your flowers, either. If you want to add some beautiful flowers to your cabaret-themed event, tulips, sunflowers, and lilies are all great options.

2.     Theme-related tableware

Tableware can make or break the look of your table. If you want your table to stand out, you can purchase themed tableware for your guests.

3.     Theme-related napkins

Napkins are another easy way to add some themed decor to your event. You can choose from a variety of themed napkins to help tie everything together.

4.     Theme-related centerpieces

 While the above items are great, they can’t carry an entire table alone. A great way to tie everything together is with a themed table centerpiece.

5.     Other decor items

Depending on your chosen theme, there are plenty of other decor items you can incorporate into your cabaret event. From table runners to balloons, there are many items at your disposal.

How to set up a cabaret room

You want to keep a few things in mind when setting up your cabaret room.

  1. Ensure the room is decorated in a way that compliments the theme of your event. This means colors, tableware, and decorations should all tie together.
  2. The room should be comfortable for all of your guests. You can do this by dimming lights, playing music, and keeping the room temperature reasonable. If you have a large room, you can section off a section of the room to create cabaret style seating.
  3. Another option is to use decorative dividers. You can also use decorative curtains to section off parts of the room.
  4.  Another way to set up a cabaret room is to push furniture against the walls to create more space for your guests.

Whatever method you decide, ensure your guests have enough room to mingle and enjoy the event.

Types of Events that Suit Cabaret Style Seating

Many different events can incorporate cabaret seating, but here are a few of the most common.

Dinner party

Having your guests sit at a table at a dinner party is a great way to encourage mingling and conversation among friends and family members. While the standard dining table is a fantastic option for most events, a cabaret-style table can be fun for a change.

Cocktail party

 A cocktail party may not seem like the best event to have a cabaret-style table. However, if you have limited space, it can be a great option. Not only will it give guests more room to mingle, but it will also make the event more visually appealing.

Conference or seminar

If you are hosting a conference or seminar, you may have a large room with limited space. In this case, a cabaret-style seating option is a great way to make the best of your area.


Hosting an event that uses the cabaret seating style is a great way to create an intimate and interactive experience. The first step in planning an event like this is deciding on a theme. You can build the rest of your event around this theme and incorporate cabaret seating. With just a little bit of planning, take advantage of the benefits of the style by mixing it with other style seatings. However, ensure you have enough space for cabaret style seating to fit.


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