Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning: 5 Samples

Event planning is not easy. There’s a lot of work to be done and not a lot of time to do it. And when the day arrives, you have to be ready for anything. This is why it’s important to have the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning as the right tools on hand.

Fortunately, Microsoft has designed a few apps that can help you make sure your event is an unqualified success! From creating schedules and managing travel arrangements to staying connected with attendees, these apps will make all the difference in your event planning strategy. Check out this list of the five Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning and learn how they can make your life easier.

Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning
Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning

Qualities of the Best Microsoft app for event planning

A good app for event planning will be easy to use and understand. The apps should be intuitive and able to help you plan your event with little or no training.

A good app will also be secure, which means it must have a dedicated server. This ensures that your data is protected and that your attendees can access the app without difficulty.

To make sure the apps are easy to use, they should have a streamlined user interface (UI). It should also be in a language that everyone can easily read so there’s no need for translation.

The last quality of a good Microsoft app is its integration with other popular systems such as Google Calendar, Facebook, and Microsoft Office 365. This helps to keep everything organized without having to manage multiple apps on a device

Five Microsoft Apps for Event Planners

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook app is the perfect tool for managing your schedule. One of the reasons it’s such a great event planning app is that it syncs seamlessly with other Microsoft products, like OneDrive and Sharepoint. It also allows you to create and send emails, organize your contacts, and manage your calendar.


Skype makes communication easy. You can make video calls anywhere in the world (even if you don’t have internet access!), text message, or call any of your Skype friends without paying extra minutes on your phone plan. In addition to these features, Skype also allows you to see when people are online so you can decide how best to communicate with them–whether in person or online.

Onenote - Microsoft apps
Onenote – Microsoft apps

Microsoft OneNote as Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning

If you’re planning an event with a ton of details, then this might be the app for you! Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking application that lets you store all kinds of information–from notes about presentations and schedules to images–in one place.


Whether you’re working on an event in Texas or Tokyo, Traveler will help keep your communications related to travel organized and safe! This app allows you to remotely print airline boarding passes for multiple passengers at once as well as store important travel documents safely on mobile devices.

Office Mobile 

Need access to Word or Excel? Office Mobile has those apps ready for download on your smartphone! That way, no matter where life takes you,

Create a Schedule

The first Microsoft app to consider is Planner. This app is free and available for both iOS and Android. Planner makes it easy to create a schedule, which will help you stay on track with your event planning, making it the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning. With the ability to sync calendars, share files and collaborate with colleagues, there’s no better way to stay organized.

Get It Done Faster

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the details of your upcoming event?

Microsoft provides a number of apps that can help simplify the process. With these tools, you’ll be able to stay organized and get things done faster so you can focus on what really matters: running the event!

So, without further ado, here is a list of the five Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning for event planners.

Travel Efficiently

Microsoft Planner is a great way to create and stay updated on your event’s schedule. It’s also perfect for managing travel arrangements since it can quickly calculate flight times, car service time, and compare prices. Plus, you can use the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning to message specific attendees to share important information like meeting locations and parking options.

Stay Connected with Attendees

Staying in touch with your event attendees is easy with the Microsoft Teams app. This is among the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning helps you keep all of your attendees, exhibitors, and speakers in one place so you can easily reach out to them before, during, and post-event. Plus, it’s such an effective way to stay on top of important updates because you’ll be notified about any unread posts or messages from attendees and exhibitors.

But why do you need the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning app? Let’s say there are some last-minute changes to the agenda that can’t wait until you get back from the event. With simple push notification, an app like Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share those changes with all of your attendees!

Another great reason for an event planner to use this Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning. It has integrated Skype for Business services so you can quickly call a contact without leaving the app.

Skype for business on Best Microsoft event planning apps

This app is a Microsoft event planning app that enables you to share screens, collaborates on documents, and presentations, making it easy to work with remote teams. It’s perfect for live streaming video of your event too!

Use Skype for Business to link to your screens during your event and give viewers an up-close view of what’s happening. All you need is a simple webcam or laptop camera. The best part? You can add multiple screens so more people can see the content. With live streaming video, you can share any video from your device, including photos and videos taken on your phone or tablet.

How Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning Sorts Your Event

Microsoft has developed an app to make sure all your event planning goes smoothly. The app, called Planner, helps you keep track of all the moving parts in your event by creating a schedule and managing travel arrangements, and many experts rank it as the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning. It also lets you stay connected with attendees so they never miss a beat. You can even use Planner to share your own customized announcements with everyone involved in the event.

A planner is an excellent tool for event planners because it provides so many features that simplify the process without requiring too much effort on your part. All you have to do is enter information about your event and click “go.”

The best thing about Planner is that it keeps everything under one roof. It’s easy to create a schedule, manage travel arrangements, and stay connected with attendees. You just use this single Microsoft app for event planners. You can even customize announcements and share them with everyone who’s involved in the event!

Advantages of using Microsoft planning app

While there are a lot of event planning apps out there, Best Microsoft’s event planning app has more advantages. For starters, it is designed to work seamlessly with Outlook. It makes it easy for those who are already using it to manage their events. It also integrates with Yammer. Meaning you can use this app to communicate with your team and collaborate on the details of your event from one place.

It also features a calendar that is updated in real-time and lets you see all of your events at once. Another thing about Microsoft’s event planning app that is worth noting is that it offers an intuitive interface. It enables you to easily design customized plans for any type of event. You can customize templates or upload photos and videos. This allows you can share your vision with others before the big day arrives.

The app also includes a number of great features such as the ability to sync across devices (great if you’re a busy professional). You can also share files securely within teams, as well as track expenses, and monitor budgeting opportunities. Microsoft’s event planning app is an excellent choice for those looking for a tool that will simplify their life when organizing an event and among the Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning.

Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning
Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning


Q1: What is the Event Planner?

The Event Planner app helps you create schedules and manage your travel arrangements. The app’s features include a calendar, map, and contact list, as well as the ability to import attendees from other apps.

What is Meeting Designer?

Meeting Designer is an online planning tool that can be used to schedule meetings and social events. You can use this Microsoft app to build a custom meeting planner for your company’s employees or for any personal plans that need some organization.

Q3: What is Traveler App?

A: The Traveler app helps you plan events by staying connected with your attendees. The app has features that allow you to send meeting updates, create group chats, and manage any unexpected trips or events.

Q4: What is OneNote?

OneNote helps you stay organized during your event planning process. With this Outlook app, you can take notes during meetings in real-time, set reminders for follow-up tasks, and share important information with others on the go.


The Microsoft apps for event planners can make your life much easier. The best part is that you can use them with your existing office 365 subscriptions. With these apps, you’ll be able to stay on top of your event planning tasks, travel more efficiently. Also, you will stay connected with your attendees and stay organized during the event planning process.

For more information on how Microsoft apps can help you plan your event, go to and select “Event Planning.”Using Microsoft Office apps to plan an event. The article provides samples of and Best Microsoft Apps for Event Planning you can choose from.

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