Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch:15 Awe-Inspiring Types

Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch
Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch

Did you know that there are countless hiking routes in your city and you need to know Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch? Not just trails to get outside and enjoy nature, but also a way to escape the stress of modern life. If you’re looking for a secluded spot or an easy hike that’ll get your heart pumping, check out these amazing hiking maps.

Hiking maps are great for discovering remote places in the city that other people may miss. You don’t have time to look for those spots yourself and want someone else to show you around. Then check out these Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Best Hiking Apps For Apple Watch

With the help of your smartwatch, hiking apps on your Apple Watch can make your outdoor excursions much easier and less burdensome. These apps facilitate navigation while on the trail.

They also help you keep track of important information like elevation profiles, and distance covered. Others include water sources and even GPS coordinates so that you don’t get lost.

Apps for hiking will vary with each user depending on their level of experience, needs, and inclinations. For example, someone who does lots of backcountry camping may find certain features useful.

Whereas those who prefer to stick to well-marked trails may not appreciate them as much. However, all these are perfect for those who are just starting out or simply prefer to go slow when exploring new places. Read on for our comprehensive guide on the best hiking apps for Apple Watch

What kind of hike are you looking for?

First, you should figure out what kind of hike you’re looking for. Are you looking to explore a new trail that no one has been on before? Is there a spot near your house where the view is amazing? What about a place with tons of wildlife? Do you want to go on a double-loop around the city? If you don’t know exactly what kind of hike you want, start by browsing some hiking maps. Pick one of the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch perfect for your needs.

Where in your city do you want to hike?

First, you should decide where in your city you want to hike. If you’re looking for highly trafficked trails, then you should focus your search on the more densely populated areas of your city. If you’re looking for secluded and remote hiking spots, then look for places that are less heavily traveled.

What type of terrain do you want to hike?

Secondly, ask yourself what kind of terrain you’re looking for in your hiking map. Will this be a good map if you want to hike up a mountain? Or maybe it’s a map designed just for desert hikes. You need to know what kind of terrain you want before choosing the perfect map!

What is the difficulty level of the hikes?

Some maps will be accurate across all levels of difficulty while others might only show hikes with varying degrees of difficulty. Where are the attractions and how far are they from each other?

Thirdly, make sure that the attractions on your map are within close proximity to one another or at least not too far apart. This way, when traveling in an urban area, it will be easy for hikers to find some hidden gems that they might have never found otherwise. The reason you have to know the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch
Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch

What kind of data is on your hiking map?

Before you start looking for a hiking map, it’s important to know what kind of data it has. If your map has terms like elevation, distance, and walking times, you can expect excellent navigation features. If the map also includes some of the best hiking trails in your area, that’s a definite plus.

Is using a digital map really necessary?

Using a digital map is often a necessary component for a great hiking spot, and is a reason to choose the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch. For example, if you’re in the New York City area and want to explore the Appalachian Trail, you need to know where the trail begins and ends. It’s also important to make sure that you’ve factored in any traffic or terrain that might slow your progress. A map can help you visualize these factors and plan your route accordingly.

Digital maps come with trade-offs

Digital maps are convenient and give you all the information you need to find your perfect hiking spot. However, they don’t always provide a complete picture.

A digital map is not going to show you what trails are off-limits or which ones are better kept secret. In fact, they can sometimes even make it harder for you to find trails.

They provide a false sense of security that everything is open for exploration. If you want to learn about which areas your city has left untouched by humans, then go with a paper map instead of a digital one.

Of course, there will be some trade-offs in terms of convenience when using a paper map. It is what makes it so special and unique.

The pros of physical maps


  • Physical maps are great because they show you exactly where there are trails and the surrounding natural beauty.
  • Because these maps have been made by dedicated hikers, they’re usually very accurate and tell you where to go.
  • Another plus of using a physical map is that it allows you to explore new places.
  • You don’t have to pay for a digital map or use your phone. This means you can wander around without worrying about battery life or data usage.

Cons of Physical Maps

  • The cons of physical maps are that they’re harder to carry with you.
  • Sometimes not as accurate as digital maps.
  • You may need to carry more than one map if you want to see all options for trails in one trip. However, these maps are typically cheaper than digital ones too.

They are still appealing if you don’t want to break the bank on your hiking adventure! Imagine having an affordable but Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

How to Map Your Path

One of the most important features you will want to consider adding to your hiking app is the ability to map your path. This can be done through GPS or Google Maps, which are both free and easy to use. Hiking Maps is a great option as it includes an offline map that you can download on your iPhone or iPad.

Before heading out so that you don’t have to use cellular data. It also has a compass, elevation profile, and distance tracker along with a few other useful features. The features make the mentioned apps among the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

1. AllTrails – Best Free Hiking App

It is a popular hiking app, and common on the market. The app was developed in 2010 for outdoor recreation using crowdsourcing

It is second-based to Gaia GPS and has a free and Pro Version

Main Advantage: The AllTrails Hiking App is the most helpful to check recent reviews on past trail conditions, any issues experienced by other hikers in the past.

Personal Opinion

When hiking I use both the Gaia GPS and AllTrails. I use AllTrails majorly for previous reviews to find out about trail conditions, and challenges other hikers experienced before me.


  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Android



Features include

  • Extensive hike descriptions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Big audience of active users
  • Availability of many reviews to guide you select the best hiking plan.

Pro Membership

  • It costs $29.99/year
  • Free 14-day trial period for the AllTrailsPro version
  • Offline access
  • One can download maps
  • Lifeline capabilities
  • Alerts when offroute
  • Real-time map overlays


  • Can find trails using tags
  • Extensively detailed hike descriptions
  • Pet-friendly status
  • One can find recommendations on best hiking routes
  • Can access reviews from other users
  • Record hikes


  • Inaccuracy of the crowdsourced mas
  • Most quality features not accessed on the free version

My Choice

When asked my most useful app, I will go for AllTrails.

Why I will go for AllTrails

  • I believe this app is the most user-friendly.
  • As a hiker, the opportunity to scroll through available trail options is the most amazing feeling.
  • Ability to access other user ratings and difficulty levels listed on the apps trail thumbnails alongside a filtering option makes this app the most appropriate.
  • Having gone on various hiking activities, I find myself in unfamiliar territory on few occasions. With AllTrails, I find myself back on track within a few seconds.
  • AllTrails does not have excessive data, because of the clean design and user-friendly features. This excites me every time an using this app. I can streamline the searches, record, and share the entire hiking expedition.
  • When searching for a new hiking experience or a short hike, the free version is efficient enough
  • For people that love solo hikes ad trail run, it is the best as it offers peace of mind. All my contacts know my whereabouts.

2. Gaia GPS is the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

It is a free plan GPS navigation for Apple

How it Functions

The Free Version

  1. It allows you to track routes
  2. Identify waypoints
  3. Search topographical maps

The Premium Paid Version

  1. Offers offline capabilities
  2. Specialty maps for other countries

I had the pleasure to hike over 15,000 miles in ten years, this is the most accurate and easy to navigate app

PROTIP: The app records useful data from all your hikes.

However, you need premium membership to track various statistics such as:

  • Speed
  • Profile
  • Elevation Profile
  • Distance covered ascending and descending
  • Average speed
  • Moving speed
  • Your pace
  • Moving and stopping time

It is an amazing app for hiking trails in the US, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Android


Free Features include: –

  1. Record Tracks
  2. Plan Routes
  3. Drop Waypoints
  4. View Topo Maps
  5. Searching perfect hiking trails

Premium Features

  1. Customizable maps
  2. Mountain biking maps
  3. Wildfire real situation
  4. NatGeo trails
  5. High resolution satellite imagery


  • Offers both free and premium plans
  • One can find and organize customized trails
  • Offers real-time analysis of weather conditions and forecasts
  • Accurate GPS navigations
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Apple Watch


  • A major disadvantage includes limited offline use based on the Premium version one has signed for.
Type of MemoryAt least 1GM Memory
GPSBuilt-in GPS and compass.
ApplicationiOS 13 or higher, or Android 6 or higher
Internal StorageAt least 32GB of internal storage to download maps for offline use.
TIP:  Note that WiFi only iPads lack a built-in GPS. SO have an external GPS unit to track location when offline. Or simply purchase WiFi and Cellular iPad. 

The best part? This app is available in over 40 languages, so no matter where your travels take you, there will be an option that suits your needs.

3. Google Maps – Best Planning App

The main advantage Google Maps has over others is the excellent bandwiths. Google Maps is a good hiking app when you visit a new place.

Personally, I use Google Maps to plot new locations am interested visiting. This allows me not to miss any point in my entire hiking itenary.

I also like the app because of the offline capabilities. However, you have to download the maps online to use when offline.

How to Download an Offline Map using Google Maps

  • Click on your profile picture. It is on the right-hand corner
  • Click on a cloud button that has a backlash, or search for ‘offline maps’
  • Pick on ‘select your own map’
  • Highlight the area you want to download


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Android


Only a free version exists.


  • Has over 220 mapping countries and territories
  • Real time traffic conditions
  • Real time ETAs
  • A huge user bases
  • You can review restaurants, and hotels to establish how busy they are


  • A lot of active users
  • Up to date and accurate information
  • You can add point of interests
  • You can share your location
  • It is absolutely free


  • Limited Hiking trails
  •  Availability will depend on network service.

4.     Topo Maps Hiking Map

This hiking map for your Apple Watch is great for discovering hiking routes in your city. Not only does it show you the general layout of the area, but it also shows you where to find water and trails. It’s filled with all kinds of useful information so that you can enjoy your hike without getting lost.

5.     Apple Maps Hiking Map

Apple Maps Hiking map is the perfect way to explore your city. You can see all of the hiking trails in your area and get directions for each one. The app also includes all sorts of information such as elevation, distance, topography, and more! Plus, the map is easy to use!

If you’re looking for a great new outdoor activity that’s not too strenuous but still provides a nice workout, try hiking with the Apple Maps Hiking map.

It’ll help you find great hikes in your area that other people may have missed or even give you some ideas on what’s nearby so you can add it to your list of places to visit.

6.     CityMapper Walking and Biking Map

This hiking map is the perfect way to explore your city. It’s easy to use and informative. You can see the top 100 hikes by difficulty, rating, or distance.

The app also shows you where you are on a map with turn-by-turn directions. It makes it easy for you to find your way around. This is helpful if you’re new to walking or biking in the city.

The best part about this app is that it provides scenic photos and personal reviews of each hike. So you can decide if it’s worth your time or not.

7.     Garmin Fenix 5x GPS and Run Routes hiking map

This hiking map is perfect for your Apple Watch because it’s a GPS and Run Routes hiking map. They are among some of the best trails in America. So, whether you want to go for an easy hike or a challenging one, this map has you covered.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what other people are saying about this amazing hiking map. “This was downloaded before I even knew how to use it.

I’ve used it more than any other app on my Apple Watch.” – Christopher “Love this app! I’m always looking for new places to explore.” – Eileen “Perfection!” – David

8.     Yandex.Map Walking, Cycling, and Driving Map

Yandex. Map is the best map app for iOS and one of the most popular apps on your Apple Watch. And with this app, you can get detailed information about your location, including walking directions and cycling routes.

The app also lets you plan a route for a bicycle or walk in advance. It marks points of interest along the way and records your progress. You can also search for places in the vicinity that you want to visit and plan a route to them.

The Yandex Maps app offers more than just hiking maps. It also includes street maps, public transport zones, and even indoor maps of malls and shopping centers.

In fact, it’s more like an entire digital city guide that you can use on your Apple Watch.

9.     Trailforks the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch($4.99)

Trailforks is the most comprehensive hiking app and it is available on both Android and Apple devices. The app provides GPS tracking, elevation profiles, and route planning.

All are accessible without having to take your phone out. The location-based features of the app will also help you find nearby trails and campsites.

10. Spot Hiking the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch (FREE)

If you’re just getting started with hiking, this app can be a great place to start. This app is free and also has a trial period.

So you won’t have to risk spending any money until you know for sure that it’s worth it. In addition, the app allows you to save your favorites for easy access later on.

Spot Hiking includes features like maps and navigation, weather forecasts, and forecasts of your location in relation to major landmarks.

It also includes compass readings and distances in relation to those landmarks. It also has elevation profiles which is ideal for finding out how much more you have left to go before reaching the summit of your destination.

11. Endomondo (FREE)

Endomondo is an app that lets you track your activity levels. It also has various other features like step counting, distance tracking, and calories burned. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices.

12. Mouse USA the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch(FREE)

The Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch – Mouse USA The first app on our list is the aptly-named Mouse USA. To use this app, you need to download it on your iPhone before you go hiking and then connect it to your watch using Bluetooth.

This way, whenever you’re out in the wilderness, you can keep track of your location with a single tap using GPS coordinates so that you don’t get lost while navigating through unfamiliar territory.

It also has associated features like elevation profiles, distance covered, and water sources so that you know where your next drink will be.

The one downside is that there are no turn-by-turn directions but it does have offline maps that allow for navigation even when there isn’t any GPS connection available.

13. Co-Pilot GPS, the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Co-Pilot GPS is one of the best Apple Watch hiking apps out there. It’s integrated with your phone so you’ll be able to track your location. As well as features like elevation profiles, distance covered, and even GPS coordinates.

It also has a map so you can see where you are in relation to the trail, what’s ahead, and how much time before reaching your destination. Co-Pilot GPS even has an alarm that will alert you when it’s time to head back.

14. Strava the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Strava is a fitness app that allows users to share their activities with others using social media. Other users can then follow the map to see where you traveled and compete with you to see how far they can go.

This is perfect for those who want to find new places for hiking. And those who are looking for a more competitive, social experience when it comes to exploring new places. Strava is ranked among the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

15. Hagstoga GPS Hiking Maps App

Hagstoga GPS Hiking Maps App is one of the most comprehensive hiking apps and the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

It allows you to download and use maps on your Apple Watch. In addition, it also gives you access to a variety of trekking routes, elevation profiles, and topographical maps.

Another feature that appeals to a lot of users is the ability to create your own customized maps in which you can customize individual landmarks or add information about trails that interest you.

Moreover, with this app, you can easily access important information such as distance covered, elevation profile, and GPS coordinates. It happens within the app itself.

You don’t have to remove your hands from your watch when navigating mountains or forests. This makes it the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

16. Topo Maps: Outdoor Navigation with GPS

This map app is perfect if you’re just getting started with outdoor navigation. With this app, you can use the GPS on your Apple Watch to get your location and then see a digital representation of your surroundings.

It also includes an elevation profile so that you know how high up or how low down you are. With the help of Topo Maps, it helps you find campsites, water sources, and other important features in the area so that you’re never lost and always prepared for a safe hike.

17. FarOut

The main feature associated with FarOut is the detailed guides on long distance hiking, biking and padding


  • The app has the biggest miles of hiking trails and waterways.
  • The best app for thru-hiking long distance trains globally


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android


Free Version

  • Opportunity to search for trails

Premium Membership

  • You have to pay for every trail guide at ($4.99-$59.99)
  • Accessibility to offline maps
  • Family and friends to follow your up-dates and check-ins
  • Detailed way-points
  • Town re-supply guides
  • Elevation profiles.


  • Ability to access offline maps
  • You can share location with friends and family
  • Customized routes
  • Detailed town guides
  • Detailed waypoints


  • Paying per guide might prove very expensive
  • The free options are very limited.


Q: What are the Best Hiking Apps for the Apple Watch hiking map?

A: A good local walkable hike map will show you where to find secret trails and secluded places. For example, if you’re in Portland, Oregon, you can get a map that will help you find the hidden trails around Portland.

Q: How do I get started with digital maps?

A: To start off, visit Google Maps and type in what you want to see. Once there, click on “Maps” and then choose “Get Directions.” You can also go straight to your city’s website. Digital maps are among the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Q: If a friend or family member is visiting me, what are my options for finding a great hike?

A: You have several options for finding a hiking spot. One of these would be to use an app like Yelp or Foursquare. These apps are designed specifically for restaurants or bars in your area that offer outdoor activities like hiking or cycling. Additionally, Google has an app called Google Earth which shows detailed terrain models of any location on earth. This app will also show satellite images so it’s easy to locate nearby landmarks and investigate the terrain before getting started on your hike. It is among the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

Apps for Great Hikers

These hiking maps are perfect for those who have an Apple Watch and want to explore the city with a more active and outdoorsy mindset. But these maps aren’t just for people with an Apple Watch; they’re also great for hikers that want to get away from the crowds. Just download the map you need, tap on it, and let your watch take you off the beaten path.

Apple Watch: The Apple Watch is a wearable device that captures fitness information. If you’re looking to explore more of your city in terms of kayaking, hiking, cycling, and running, then what better way than with your new Apple Watch? These Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch will help you find secluded places in your city that others may miss so you can stay busy exploring some of the best parts of this amazing world.


Nowadays, hiking is not just something that people do for fun. It has become a form of adventure which many people enjoy as a hobby. With the advancement of technology, you can now take your hiking experience to the next level by using your smartwatch and its apps.

These Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch help you keep track of important information like location, elevation profiles, distance covered, and more. If you love going on hikes but want to make it a more enjoyable experience, these apps are perfect for you!

The best way to find the best walkable city hiking map is by understanding what you want. Is your goal to hike through the entire city? Or just a particular area? What kind of data will you be looking for? What are the trade-offs in using a digital or physical map?

And which do you prefer? Once you know what you’re looking for, your search will be much easier. And that’s when you’ll find the best walkable city hiking map to suit your needs, and be considered among the Best Hiking Apps for Apple Watch.

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