8 Spectacular Tips for Buying a Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

Motorcycle Shotgun Holster
Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a born biker. Even those who ride regularly can still find themselves in situations requiring them to carry our Motorcycle Shotgun Holster someplace other than on their bike.

Whether you need to drive your shotgun somewhere or want to walk around with it at home, there are many different ways you can carry your firearm. One of the most effective options for almost any individual is buying a Motorcycle Shotgun Holster.

A good motorcycle shotgun holster allows you to store and access your gun quickly while keeping it out of sight. Here are eight tips when looking for the perfect one:

Motorcycle Shotgun Holster
Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

The Importance of Having a Good Motorcycle Holster

Motorcycle Shotgun Holster
Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

The best motorcycle holster will keep your gun safely in its place while you ride, making it easier to take out when needed.

Retention System

The retention system is the most important feature to consider when choosing a holster. The retention mechanism holds the gun in place and ensures it won’t fall out while you’re riding.

Convenient Holster

While safety is the #1 priority, you’ll also want to consider how convenient the holster is to use. This includes the position of the holster on your body and its size.

 Ideally, the holster should be positioned to have easy access to your gun while keeping your hands free.

You’ll likely need to wear gloves if you’re riding a motorcycle. This can make it difficult to remove a holster from your body. Therefore, select a quick and detachable holster, ideally with one hand.

Size of the Holster

Another thing to consider is the size of the holster. Since you’ll be wearing it on your body, it’s important that it is not too bulky and fits your body type comfortably.

Tips for Buying a Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

1.      Ask yourself why you need a motorcycle shotgun holster

If you’re in a situation where you need to carry a shotgun, you’ll probably want to keep it on your body at all times.

This is important because a shotgun is a long and heavy weapon, making it difficult to walk around.

A long gun can also be a problem when riding in a car or even on a motorcycle. The long shotgun makes it difficult to drive or ride with one in your lap or on the seat next to you.

A long gun can make it difficult to shift and brake with both hands on the handlebars. Regarding riding, you should also know all the local laws surrounding shotgun transportation.

If you’re wondering whether you should carry a shotgun on a motorcycle, there are a few things to keep in mind.

A motorcycle is smaller than a car, so it’s easier to find a place to store a shotgun. However, it’s more difficult to access the gun, making it a last resort.

If you carry a shotgun on a motorcycle, you’ll also need to ride with your hands off the handlebars so you can access it quickly if necessary.

Motorcycle Shotgun Holster
Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

2.      Measure your gun to ensure the holster will fit

A holster can only do its job if it works your weapon properly. Make sure to measure the length and width of your gun before buying a holster to hold your firearm.

Many sites will require you to enter this information before you see the pricing or make a purchase if you’re shopping online.

 If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can also use a ruler to ensure your shotgun measurements are accurate.

You should also measure the distance between the trigger guard and the end of the barrel. This will help you find a holster that fits your gun properly.

It’s also important to ensure the holster can fit your shotgun with a full magazine inserted. Some leather holsters are designed to be used with the gun unloaded.

However, many modern holsters are designed to fit the gun fully loaded. If your holster doesn’t work with a full magazine, you’ll have to choose between leaving part of your gun behind or removing it with your teeth.

3.      Look for a high-quality stitching

Stitching is what holds the leather together in a shotgun holster. If the stitching is shoddy or crooked, there’s a chance it could come undone when you’re trying to use it.

Look closely at the stitching to ensure it’s well done and will stand up over time. The stitching can also give you a sense of the craftsmanship that went into making your holster. A holster with beautiful stitching is more likely to be well-made and last a long time.

Poor stitching can also give you a sense of a low-quality product. The seam might be crooked, uneven, or even missing if a holster is not well made.

4.      Check the locking mechanism

There are a few different locking mechanisms on shotgun holsters.

Quick-release Latch

However, the most common is a quick-release latch.

Ensure the locking mechanism on your holster is easy to operate with one hand. If you’re in a situation where you need to remove your shotgun quickly, you don’t want to be fumbling with a complicated locking mechanism.

Operate the locking mechanism with one hand while keeping the other hand on the grip of your shotgun.


Another common locking mechanism is a strap. This may be easier to use when you’re wearing gloves.

But it’s harder to release quickly in an emergency. Ensure the holster you choose has a locking mechanism you can release while keeping one hand on the shotgun.

5.      Make sure it’s legal in your state

Some states have very strict laws about carrying shotguns in a vehicle or on a motorcycle. The shotgun holster you choose should be legal in your form.

 This can also help you decide where to wear your holster. If you’re in a state that doesn’t allow open carry, you’ll want to ensure your holster is out of sight.

A shoulder holster may be your best option if you want to carry a concealed gun.

You may also want to consider buying a smaller shotgun, such as a 20-gauge, if you live in a state where large-bore shotguns are illegal.

6. Don’t forget the added weight when mounting your gun

A shotgun holster will add some weight to your overall carrying load. Always factor this into your calculations when designing your bug-out bag or packing for a long ride.

Also, consider where you’re mounting your gun when calculating the weight. If you strap your shotgun to your back with a sheath, it’s easy to forget it’s there until it’s too late.

If you decide to mount your gun on your bike, remember that it will add even more weight to your motorcycle. This can make it more difficult to ride and harder to control, especially for new riders.

7.      Think about how you’ll carry and store your gun when not in use

Even if you buy the most expensive shotgun holster on the market, you don’t want to leave it mounted on your bike all the time.

This can lead to damage to your motorcycle and your shotgun holster.

A good rule of thumb is to remove the holster from your bike when you park for the day. You can also use a smaller mount and a lighter-duty holster if you don’t want to leave your primary holster mounted on your bike when parked.

Always store your shotgun and holster safely away from children or other people who might accidentally injure themselves or others.

8.      Be aware of any break-in time needed for the amount of the Motorcycle Shotgun Holster

Any new equipment you buy, including a shotgun holster, might need a break-in period. This can include a slightly looser fit or a more difficult operation.

 Give your Motorcycle Shotgun Holster a few weeks or even months for a break-in.

This way, you’ll know if your shotgun holster will hold up over time.

It’s also a good idea to go through a few dry runs with your holster and mount before you use it. This will help you identify issues when operating the lock or mounting the holster.

Best Motorcycle Shotgun Holster for Motorcyclists

The Tactical Pistol Grip Shoulder Holster

The Tactical Pistol Grip Shoulder Holster is a great choice for those who prefer to wear their gun on the shoulder.


  • Durable nylon construction
  • Thickly padded neoprene strap to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • A retention system with an adjustable thumb break.


  • The gun and spare ammo are combined in a single, convenient portable package.
  • Ability to get to your gun fast and inconspicuously
  • Comfortable fit
  • The adjustable thumb break makes it more efficient


  • Easily accessible by an assailant
  • A slower draw when reaching back under the arm

Pistol to the Pocket Holster

The Pistol to the Pocket Holster is made of durable synthetic fabric and includes a Velcro strap to ensure a snug fit. This makes it ideal for motorcyclists who like to have their guns close at hand.


  • The holster attaches to your belt.
  • Made of synthetic fabric Velcro strap to ensure a snug fit around the waist
  • It comes in multiple sizes
  • It can store handguns and other firearm types
  • It is a pocket carry holster. You can comfortably carry the gun in your pocket when riding.


  • It does not depend on a belt
  • Very convenient
  • More discrete method to draw the gun


  • Very limited if you are not trained, especially when riding a motorcycle.

Tank Mounted Gun Holder

The Tank Mounted Gun Holder is a great option for those who prefer to keep their gun in a position on the bike that is easily accessible.

This holster is designed to fit shotguns or rifles and can be mounted on any part of your bike.


  • It includes the side of the gas tank or the handlebars.
  • The Tank Mounted Gun Holder is a holster designed to be attached to your bike’s gas tank.
  •  The tank-mounted gun holder is designed to easily and conveniently store shotguns or rifles without hindering motorcycle operation.
  • The gun mount can be fitted to any bike model and installed on the gas tank or under the seat.


  • It fits any model of a motorcycle
  • Convenient as it does not interfere with the riding


  • It’s too exposed. As everyone can see, you have it
  • Quite expensive

The Tuck n’ Go Pro Shoulder Holster

It is another great option for motorcyclists.


  • This holster is easily detachable, making it ideal for riding.
  • Used for those that prefer to wear the gun on the shoulder
  • Made of synthetic fabric
  • It has a Velcro strap to ensure a snug fit.


  • The materials make it more long-lasting
  • Easily detachable


  • Very hard for a rider to reach it when in trouble.

Safariland Shoulder Mounted Shotgun Holder

The Safariland Shoulder Mounted Shotgun Holder is a holster designed for shotguns.

  • The Safariland shoulder-mounted shotgun holster is made of synthetic fabric.
  • It has a Velcro strap to ensure a snug fit.
  • The shoulder-mounted shotgun holder is designed to be worn over the shoulder.
  • The barrel of the gun extends past the chest.


  • It has a carrier system holding more than one shot shells
  • Better agility because of the unique retaining plates
  • The plates prevent shotgun shells from dislodging
  • Has plates that permit quick removal of the gu


  • Quite expensive

Gun Vault Motorcycle Grip Lock holster

The Gun Vault Motorcycle Grip Lock holster is designed for quick access.


  • The gun vault motorcycle grip lock holster features a quick-release lever that allows the gun to be removed in one quick motion.
  • The grip lock holster can be used to store a variety of handguns and other firearms.


  • It can be removed swiftly
  • Stores a variety of handguns


  • Is quite expensive

Lock-and-Load: Quick Draw Holster

The Lock-and-Load: Quick Draw Holster is a holster designed for quick access.


  • A quick-release lever that allows the gun to be removed in one quick motion.
  • The quick-draw holster can be used to store a variety of handguns and other firearms.


  • Good for emergencies because of the ability to remove in one quick motion
  • Convenient


  • Quite heavy


If you love riding motorcycles, you’re likely to find yourself in a situation where you must carry a shotgun. Always pick the best Motorcycle Shotgun Holster to avoid inconveniences when riding.

No matter what kind of holster you decide to use, it is important to remember to keep your gun safe and secure.

Always keep your gun in a holster when you are not actively using it to reduce the chance of an accident.

Remember the type of riding you do and the level of comfort you need when selecting a holster.

This will ensure you can easily access your gun when you need it and keep yourself safe while riding.

 With the help of this guide, I hope you find the best shotgun holster for motorcyclists in no time.

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