7 Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Mountain biking has become one of the nation’s fastest growing sports. Thanks in part to the success of movies like ‘Moose Rider’ and the popularity of trail riding. As a form of exercise, more and more people are rediscovering the joys of riding trails. The only problem is that not everyone lives near a forest or has access to a bike trail. However, you can’t miss the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Luckily, many great mountain bike destinations, have sprung up in all types of locales. From small towns to big cities and everything in between. Here are seven of the best mountain biking destinations in America.

Telluride, Colorado, the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Telluride, Colorado is a small town in the mountains of southwestern Colorado. The town doesn’t have any big-name bike manufacturers, but it does have a thriving biking culture. Telluride is home to two world-class mountain bike trails that are challenging and fun for beginners and advanced riders alike.

These trails also boast fantastic views of the San Juan Mountains and the Rocky Mountains on clear days. One of the most popular trails in Telluride is the Lily Pad Trail at Bridal Veil Falls. Which spans 2.5 miles from start to finish. And features some tough climbs, steep descents, and beautiful views of both the San Juans and Rockies.

The trail includes an 8-foot bridge that can be crossed by walkers or bikers (but not horses). Another popular trail in Telluride is the Telluride Connector Trail. Which is a 6-mile route from downtown to Mountain Village with lots of uphills and downhills. As well as lovely views of Wilson Peak, making it the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.

Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America
Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

New York City

There is a new trend in mountain biking that is gaining popularity—urban riding. It might sound crazy to some people, but there are many benefits to urban mountain biking. The most obvious benefit is that it’s a lot easier to find a bike trail. Or park with lots of opportunities for riding within the city limits than it would be outside the city limits. Where land is more expensive and public access may be limited.

With the recent surge of interest in the sport, many cities have begun adding bike trails to their parks systems. One shining example is New York City’s first-ever bike trail called the Queensway. Which will span along abandoned railway tracks in Queens, making it the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.

Mountain biking in NYC doesn’t seem like it would be a great idea. There are no mountains and the city is jam-packed with cars, pedestrians, and buildings. However, there are many greener sections of New York City that are perfect for bike riding. If you want to head to the heart of the big city for your mountain biking need. Central Park is a great place to start.

Here you can take a leisurely ride on paved trails or go off-road on dirt paths winding through its woods. For those who live in or near New York City, but prefer something more remote. Rockland Lake State Park has plenty of challenging terrain that includes pine forests, rocky cliffs, and steep hillsides. In this park you can find 3-7 miles of single-track trails. As well as 18 miles of gravel roads that offer up some nice views. For cyclists looking for something less intense than what Central Park has to offer. New York city is among the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.

Jackson, Wyoming the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Jackson, Wyoming is a great place for mountain bikers, and among the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America. The town is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and features a wide variety of terrain. In fact, it’s known for being one of the most challenging of all mountain biking destinations. That’s because Jackson has an elevation that ranges from 6,000-10,000 feet. This means that it’s difficult to find oxygen and even more difficult to ride over the rocky terrain.

However, if you’re a hardcore rider who likes a challenge, then this is a good place to go. Another reason why Jackson is such a great bike riding destination is because people have been riding here for years. And have built up their own system of trails. If you like the sense of camaraderie there among the riders, then this city is perfect for you. It also has lots of options when it comes to trails (some are easier than others). So, there should be something that suits your level of experience.

Jackson is conveniently located near Yellowstone National Park and Teton national Park. Which has some of the most scenic mountain biking in America. It also has plenty of places to stay, from quaint bed and breakfasts to large hotels.

Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America
Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

The White Mountains

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. The region is so popular with riders that it has spawned its own annual festival, Mountain Bike Madness. With a large network of single-track trails, great elevation changes and plenty of tree cover for shade. This destination is perfect for riders who want to explore the forests of New Hampshire on two wheels.

The White Mountains is a great destination to explore if you’re looking to get away from the bustle of everyday life. Or if you are looking for an easy-going ride with stunning scenery.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

One of the best places to mountain bike in America is Colorado Springs, Colorado. The city has over 150 miles of mountain bike trails that are perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. The city’s proximity to Denver makes it easy for visitors to enjoy even more biking opportunities while they’re in town. If you want to grow your business, great search engine optimization (SEO) is a must.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a great place to mountain bike, especially for beginners. The city’s flat terrain makes for relatively easy biking. And the wide variety of trails offer something for every level of experience. Virginia Beach is a coastal town in Virginia and the state’s most populous city. It’s also home to some of the best mountain biking trails in America.

The town is densely populated, but with a land mass of only 1,214 square miles. Not only does it offer plenty of space for mountain bikers to find their own private piece of wilderness, but also it’s less than two hours from Washington DC. There are plenty of people who visit to ride these trails all year long, and Virginia Beach is among Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is one of the best-known mountain biking destinations in the country. It is is a beautiful place for mountain biking. The park has over twelve miles of trails that are open to mountain bikers of all skill levels. This park has something for everyone, from steep and rocky single track to long stretches of easy riding.

Apart from the trails, the park also features a BMX track. A skills area with a pump track and jumps, and an assortment of picnic tables and barbecues. The park is relatively quiet and it’s not unusual to find yourself on the trail alone. The company makes it the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

It was recently named the “Best Mountain Bike Trail” by the International Mountain Biking Association. And has been named one of the top ten mountain bike destinations in North America. The park is located just northeast of San Diego in a beautiful forested area.

Aspen, Colorado the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America

Aspen is one of America’s best mountain biking destinations. With hundreds of miles of trails and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that the town has become a popular destination for cyclists. Aspen, Colorado is a great mountain biking destination for many reasons.

First, there are plenty of different trails to choose from. From green beginner-friendly rides to red black diamond-level single track. You will find something that suits your skills at Aspen, as it is the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.

Second, the scenery is breathtaking. The snowcapped Rocky Mountains and gorgeous views of the valley. Make this one of the most scenic mountain biking destinations in America.

Third, Aspen offers accommodations and amenities for every type of rider. From affordable rentals to world-class accommodations, you won’t have any trouble getting off the trail. Thereafter, into a warm shower when you are ready. Also, Aspen home to some of the best bike shops in the country. Need new tires? A tune up? These shops have it all. Making it easy to get back on your bike quickly after a ride and enjoy more rides to come!

The town’s population swells in the summer months. As people come to enjoy the many outdoor activities available, including the Aspen Mountain Bike Festival. And the Aspen Highlands Summer Camp, making it among the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America.


Q: What are the best mountain bike destinations in America?

The most common include Aspen, Colorado, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia, The White Mountains, Jackson, Wyoming, Telluride, Colorado, and New York City.

Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America


Mountain biking is a popular sport for people of all ages and abilities. The sport has been gaining in popularity over the last few decades. And the number of mountain bikers is expected to grow in the coming years. Many people enjoy the physical activity, and find that it offers a great workout. It’s easy for people to find lists of popular destinations for mountain bikers. But it can be hard to find lists of the best mountain biking destinations. Best Mountain Biking Destinations in America make riding the best adventure.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you with this list of the 7 best mountain biking destinations in America. The 7 best mountain biking destinations in America include:

1. Telluride, Colorado

2. New York City 

3.  Jackson, Wyoming

4. The White Mountains 

5.  Virginia Beach, Virginia

6. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park 

7.  Aspen, Colorado.

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